Healthy food for kids | kids loving food !Healthy food chart for kids

Healthy food for kids | kids loving food 

Heres a treasure trove of ten healthy recipes that your kids will absolutely fall in love with

In this article I'm going to be sharing with you three quick and easy family meal ideas. So I'm gonna show you some great recipes now and hopefully show you the differences in a few of them as well.

Right, so the first Healthy food for kids | kids loving food  that I'm going to  share with you today is a very simple honey and soy salmon. This is absolutely delicious, it only takes minutes to put together, and it's the kind of thing I can throw together if I haven't really planned dinner because I normally have these ingredients in my cupboard anyway. For this recipe, we're going to  be using the Double Deluxe Soy Sauce ,which has been double fermented so it's a stronger and richer taste, and out of all the soy sauces. So anyway, this is what you're need. You will need garlic, some ginger, a little bit of oil, honey, and soy sauce, and as I said, we're using the Double Deluxe Soy Sauce for this recipe, and don't worry, I will put in the description bar the exact measurements that you'll need, but all you have to do for this is mix all of the ingredients in a bowl, and just give it a little bit of a stir, and then pour it onto your salmon. Pour half of the mixture onto the salmon and keep half of the mixture for later, and then just marinate it like this for 30 to 45 minutes in the fridge, and then after that time, just get it out and pan-fry it. All you have to do is pan-fry it for two to three minutes on each side and that is it. It will make a beautiful glaze on it, and it will taste so, so nice. Then just plate it up like this, and try not to break it like I am (chuckles), and once the salmon is out of the frying pan, get the sauce that you have held back, and put it back onto the heat for about a minute, and this makes a really nice extra sauce that you can then pour on top of the salmon. And then I serve it with greens and with rice, and for the rice, I like to use the Premium Light Soy Sauce because this is perfect for rice dishes, and then that is it, then you can just enjoy.

 Next Healthy food for kids | kids loving food  is my grandmother's soy sauce and lemon marinade, this i s so easy and so delicious. This is a marinade that she would do a lot for steak, but I'm going to tell you on chicken today, it's also delicious on pork. But for this one, I'm going to be using the Red Braising Sauce. This, I would say, is a bit thicker than the other soy sauces, and it's also seasoned, so if you're a time-poor person l, this is ideal for marinades. So all you're gonna  have to do for this marinade is remember that it's equal parts soy sauce and lemon and what the lemon juice does to the meat is tenderize it, so all you have to do is mix up the soy sauce and lemon. I do two tablespoons soy sauce and then two tablespoons of lemon, but if you were doing more meat, feel free to just remember that it's equal parts, and then also add some fresh garlic, or if you're really lazy like me, don't even worry about the fresh garlic, just whack in some garlic puree 'cause I always have that in my fridge and it's so quick and easy. But just mix that up together and then put it all over your meat and leave it on your meat for about 30 to 45 minutes, and then you can oven bake your chicken, you can pan-fry it, we actually barbecued it tonight 'cause that's another way that you can do it and it is delicious, it is such a nice flavor. I also like doing this one for meal prep because it's such an easy one, it just adds a little bit of something to my meat. So yeah, definitely try this one out, my grandma will be happy.

 And my third and final recipe is a great one for the kids, it is my rainbow veggie noodles. I can get different color noodles at my local supermarket, I can get orange, green, and white, so it just adds a little something for the kids, and this whole meal takes just 10 minutes to make, so let's tell you how I make it. Again, I will put this recipe in the description but I'm using pork, you can use chicken as well, I'm using pork, and then my color noodles, and then some veggies, and if you're really lazy like me, I just buy the pre-chopped up, stir-fry veggies like this, and then I have my Double Deluxe Soy Sauce, and then also some Lee KumKee Oyster Sauce as well. So I'm chopping up the pork very small because I'm making it for the kids as well, but if you wanted you could also have it in strips, and then all you have to do is stir-fry the meat for about three minutes or 'til when it is a bit more cooked, and then once it's cooked I will add in the veggies for about a minute, and then I'll add the cooked noodles and then two table spoons of the Deluxe Soy Sauce and two tablespoons of the Oyster Sauce and that is it. It is that easy and then you serve it up, and if this is gonna be new for your kids,

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